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Architectural Facade Decoration

FDP offers You a wide range of architectural facade profiles suitable for all types of buildings – hotels, public facilities, apartment buildings, etc. The decorative profiles could be applied in the renovation of existing facilities, but also in the exterior design of new buildings.


For the production of our facade decoration we use both, high density EPS and XPS. Those materials provide thermal insulation properties to the decorative product. Each decorative profile is protected with an elastic polymer coating which makes it resistant to all types of external atmosphere impacts (frost, humidity, high temperatures, UV rays, etc.) and gives it complete and esthetical appearance. Furthermore, this type of technology does not influence the load carrying capacity of the building, considerably facilitates the installation of the profiles and reduces the transport expenses. If required, the facade profiles could be painted with all types of humidity resistant paints.


Along with the standard models listed in our product catalogue, we are able to offer You facade decoration especially designed for Your building. Furthermore, our team is always at Your disposal for consultations about the design, production and installation on the facade. Our aim is to become Your reliable partner in terms of facade decoration and to offer You high quality before- and aftersale service. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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