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Decorative castings

FDP is a manufacturer of high quality decorative products, ranging from concrete sculptures for external decoration to castings of details and ornaments for your interior design. Our products are based on the GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and GRG (Glass Reinforced Gypsum) technology which implies thin layers of material which are reinforced with glass fibers. This technology allows the product to be light, easy for transport and installation, without sacrifizing from its hardness and durability. Our products are non-flammable and free of any VOC which is supported by certificates made in an independant european laboratories. The company offers complex service including:

  • 3d modeling of objects on customer's inquiry
  • Milling of 3d objects
  • Production of silicone and/or resin moldings
  • Serial or single production of internal and external decorative products

We offerour customers high tech 6- and 7-axis milling robots which give us the opportunity to make shapes without any limitations in sizes or shapes. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of finishings for our details. From ancient gold to wood and marble imitation, our team remains at your disposal and is ready to accept any customer's challange. For more detailed information just contact us.

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